Value. Spectacle. Experience.

Varadinum Film Association has started to work on a long-needed,
unique travel documentary. Zoltán Villányi, the producer and
director of the film, Tünde Balla, script writer and editor and Attila
Lakatos, historian have already made several successful films.
Among other titles they have shot a film about the history of the
Fortress of Oradea, entitled Felix Terra and an autobiographical
movie about Blessed Szilárd Bogdánffy, the first beatified, martyr
bishop of Transylvania. Both films appeared in Hungarian and
Romanian version as well. The members of Varadinum Film
Association have been the correspondents of Hungarian Television
and Duna Television for more than ten years and they are the
founders of a video portal:

There is no other film about Oradea or its outskirts that presents
not only the architectural values of the town but the natural beauty
of its surroundings as well. The aim of the creators is to make a
film about Oradea and its surroundings in a way that haven’t been
seen before. Showing the town as you have never seen it: from
bird’s eye view to worm’s-eye view, from the top of buildings,
the inside of buildings or behind the scenes. Along with the sights
of the historic city center we will see the national park of Cefa,
also called the second Danube Delta, the karst landscape of Padiş,
Scărişoara Ice Cave or the highest mountain peak of the county.

The film will present more than 40 historic buildings and many
natural sights along with representative pictures about the annual
festivals. These festivals show the historical traditions of the local
communities and their cultural variety. The creators of the film aim
to include all of the above mentioned aspects into a 40-45 minutes
long, HD quality movie using narration and music to ensure the
diversity of the film. The Association proposes to launch the
Romanian, Hungarian and English versions of the film at first but

on-demand the German, French and Italian versions can be made
as well. The film will be circulated on DVDs by travel agencies,
pensions, hotels, institutions in Oradea and shops.

Proposed film premiere: November/December 2012

We look for sponsors in order to finish our travel documentary.

During the shooting of the film we will hold a press conference
where our sponsors will be specially mentioned. The public will be
informed continuously about the details of the shooting process at video portal, facebook (Varadinum Film) and

Be the part and the sponsor of the first travel documentary that
presents the most important and the most beautiful sights of
Oradea and its surroundings!

Thank you for considering our town, the town of Saint Ladislaus
your own motherland the same way as we do!